Shelf Wire (Mesh Deck)

Storage and organisation are important in workplaces. For this reason, shelving systems have become an important element that all types of businesses need. . Shelf wire mesh decks offer the perfect solution for this workplace organisation.

Racking wire is an excellent option for optimising storage and organisation in workplaces. . With advantages such as better visibility, durability and fire safety, they can improve the organisation and efficiency of your workplace. Shelf wire has become an indispensable tool for maintaining order in workplaces and ensuring safe storage of products.

What is Shelf Wire (Mesh Deck)?

Shelf wires are coatings consisting of specially designed wires placed between the shelves of shelf systems. It is usually made of metal material and increases the functionality of shelf systems while at the same time ensuring safe storage of products. . Shelf wire makes storage areas more organised and accessible.

What are the Advantages of Shelf Wire?

Better Visibility: Shelf wire provides better visibility of products located under or above the shelves. This helps you find products more quickly and easily.

Fire Safety: Shelf wire allows water and heat passage during a fire, which is important for fire safety.

Durability: Since they are made of metal material, shelf wire has a long life and can carry heavy loads.

Ventilation: Shelf wire allows ventilation of stored products, thus providing protection against bad odours or moisture.

Easy Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain. It prevents dust and dirt from accumulating.

Various Sizes and Fit: Shelf wire is available in various sizes and designs to suit different shelving systems and storage needs.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Shelf Wire (Mesh Deck)?

Size and Compatibility: It is important that the shelf wire is the appropriate size for the shelf system.

Load Capacity: It must be resistant to the weight of the products to be stored.

Fire Safety Standards: It must comply with the fire safety standards of your workplace.

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